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explore the Snowy Range, Sierra Madre Mountain Range, Upper North Platte River Valley & Rawlins

VIP's Guide to Southern Wyoming™

fishing, boating & floating

the waters


In Southern Wyoming, there are plenty of opportunities to whet an angler’s appetite with good access to rivers, lakes & streams amidst picturesque mountain scenery.



    The four main rivers in the area, the Upper North Platte, the Encampment, the Laramie and the Little Snake, offer fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to fish, float and hike their many miles of unspoiled beauty. Local guides and outfitters are available for guided fishing, scenic float and whitewater float trips.


    The Upper North Platte River

    is regarded by the Wyoming Game & Fish Department as the “Premier Blue Ribbon Wild Trout Stream in Wyoming”, with over 3,200 catchable fish per mile. Flowing north, it enters Wyoming through the Platte River Wilderness Area and famed Northgate Canyon. It then flows north through three distinct eco zones; mountain conifer forest, valley floor hay meadow and finally majestic desert vistas all encompassing over 150 miles of free flowing waters (no dams), with only four miles of highway frontage.


    The Upper North Platte is also one of Wyoming’s best rivers for float trips, ranging from whitewater thrills to leisurely drifting. Typical floating craft used include inflatable rafts, flat-bottom boats, canoes and kayaks.


    With the exception of the Northgate Canyon and the stretch below Six Mile Gap, the majority of the Upper North Platte River tends to offer easier floats and good fishing during moderate flows. See the UPPER NORTH PLATTE RIVER MAP for public access areas and relative float distances between access points.


    • Northgate Canyon, located between the Routt access and Six Mile Gap, is a whitewater trip with five rapids that may range up to Class IV. Navigation on this part of the River is very technical due to numerous rocks, maneuverability problems and unpredictable weather. As the canyon is in both Colorado and Wyoming, fishing licenses are required from both states. Permits are not required for private float trips. Please note that low water trips through the Northgate Canyon in late-July and September are not recommended for any boats, including canoes, due to numerous rocks. Daily flow information is available from the U.S. Geological Survey.


    • Six Mile Public Access is located approximately 30 miles south of Riverside via Highway 230 and a well marked dirt road. From the parking area, the River is a 1/4-mile walk down a steep trail to the River. Next take out is at Bennett Peak. Restrooms are available.


    • Bennett Peak Public Access is located approximately 4 miles east of Riverside via Highway 230 and 25 miles northeast via County Road 660. Next take out is at Treasure Island on the left side of the Island. Restrooms are available.


    • Treasure Island Public Access is located approximately 15 miles south of Saratoga via Highway 130 and a short dirt road. Next take out is at Saratoga on the left side of the River. Restrooms are available.


    • Saratoga Public Access is located on Walnut Street, along with the Saratoga Municipal Pool and Hobo Hot Springs Pools. Next take out is at Foote on the right side of the River after a hard left below long bluff line.


    • Foote Public Access is located approximately 5 miles north of Saratoga via Highway 130 and a dirt road. Next take out is at Pick Bridge on the right by the bridge. Restrooms are available.


    • Pick Bridge Public Access is located approximately 10 miles north of Saratoga via Highway 130 and Country Road 508. Parking is available on both sides of the bridge. Next take outs are at Sanger on the left, one at each of the three campgrounds. Restrooms are available.
    North Platte River Map

    The Encampment River

    The Encampment River

    flows into Wyoming through the majestic Encampment River Wilderness and its ruggedly beautiful canyon.  A well maintained 15-mile trail provides access to this sensational area of the River.  Also given Blue Ribbon status as a highly rated wild trout fishery, it flows into the Upper North Platte River about seven miles north of Riverside and Encampment. There are three public access points on the Encampment River: the State section access, the Odd Fellows access and the Riverside access.  Typical floating craft used include inflatable rafts and kayaks, however canoes are not recommended.  Three diversion dams between Odd Fellows and Treasure Island access points add to the adventure on this River. Access points are denoted on VIP'S SNOWY RANGE & SIERRA MADRE RECREATION MAP.


    The Laramie River to the east and the Little Snake River to the west also offer wonderful scenery and high quality fishing, but with more limited access.  Colorado River Cutthroat, one of Wyoming’s four cutthroat sub-species, are native to the Little Snake.

  • lakes and streams

    The most prominent still water fisheries in Southern Wyoming are Seminoe Reservoir, High Savery Reservoir, Hog Park Reservoir,  Saratoga Lake, Rob Roy Reservoir and Lake Hattie.  Lake and stream fishing is also available on the many waters that straddle beautiful Highway 130, the Snowy Range Scenic Byway.  See HIGH ELEVATION LAKES MAP.


    Seminoe Reservoir

    Walleye fishermen prefer Seminoe Reservoir with over 20,000 acres of water and 180 miles of shoreline. Of all of the places in southern Wyoming where walleye are found, Seminoe is where they are most abundant.


    Seminoe is located north of Sinclair, Wyoming. Fed by the North Platte and Medicine Bow Rivers, Seminoe offers great fishing for rainbow, brown and cutthroat trout and ever abundant walleye.


    It is also home to Seminoe State Park--which has three camping areas with boat docks and a day use area that features the largest sandy beach in Wyoming.


    Beautiful Seminoe Canyon winds north as it cuts through the Seminoe Mountains before descending to the famed “Miracle Mile”.  This  7-mile stretch of water between the Kortes Dam and Pathfinder Reservoir garners its name for its quality blue ribbon trout fishing. Trophy size trout caught here weigh 5 to 10 pounds.


    Hog Park Reservoir

    is located approximately 45 minutes southwest of Encampment in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range and is a favorite spot for fishing and boating. It is managed for rainbow trout, but also holds splake, brook and brown trout. There are two picnic areas, a campground with shoreline fishing and a boat dock.


    Hog Park Reservoir was formed in the 1960’s when an earthen dam was constructed to store water for municipal use in Cheyenne.


    High Savery Reservoir

    is located 38 miles south of Rawlins and 25 miles west of Saratoga. High Savery is the only place in Wyoming to catch tiger trout (brown trout/brook trout cross) and the only place in Southern Wyoming to catch Colorado River cutthroat. Kokanee salmon are also plentiful here.  Good access is available via dirt roads and public walk-in access. Parking is restricted to designated areas only.


    Managed by the Wyoming Water Development Commission, High Savery Reservoir has a cement boat ramp and restrooms. There is no  camping at the boat dock or around the Reservoir, however camping is available in the nearby Sierra Madre Mountain Range.


    Savery Creek tailwaters below the High Savery Dam offer good rainbow trout and Colorado cut-throat trout fishing.


    is located five minutes north of Saratoga and is stocked with rainbow and brown trout.  A 50-site campground, operated by the Town of Saratoga, a boat dock and restrooms are accessible from the Highway 130 entrance. The Storer-Saratoga Lake Wetland is home to hundreds of species of birds including herons, ibis, loons, geese, ducks, pelicans, rails, bitterns, coots, egrets, eagles, hawks and osprey.

  • trout species

    Area waters contain several coexisting trout species such as brook, brown, cutthroat, golden, rainbow, splake (brook trout/lake trout cross) and tiger (brown trout/brook trout cross). The only native trout to Wyoming is the cutthroat. Southern Wyoming’s three subspecies of cutthroat, the Snake River, the Colorado River and the Bear River cutthroat, can be distinguished from other trout by the orange/red markings around the jaw.


    Kokanee, a variety of sockeye salmon, are found in Lake Hattie (along with Bear River cutthroat) and in the High Savery Reservoir.


  • licenses and regulations

    Wyoming fishing licenses are required for anglers 14 years of age and older. All license holders, except daily licenses, are required to have a conservation stamp. Licenses, fishing regulations, boating regulations and public access information are available locally and through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department at 307-745-4046 or online.


    Observance of state fishing regulations is a must. There may be limits on the numbers, species and size of fish that may be taken, as well as on the tackle and equipment you may use.  Local sporting goods and fly shops are a good source for current insect hatches.

    2017 Fishing License Types & Fees

    One of the best experiences in southern Wyoming is floating and fishing the Upper North Platte River and the Encampment River. Professional area guides are here to help you learn from them and increase your chances of success. Plus they know how to navigate Wyoming waters safely.





Whether you are looking for a single-day adventure or an extended stay vacation, southern Wyoming is ideal for group/family outings, weddings, reunions and romantic getaways. Order VIPs Guide to Southern Wyoming today!

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VIP's Guide to Southern Wyoming™

explore the Snowy Range , Sierra Madre Mountain Range & Upper North Platte River Valley